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MCI730 status update – bootable kernel and mplayer package

Some updates on my Philips status: I finally was able to get bootable kernel. Problem was in supplied kernel configuration (.config) – it does not contain references to the required GPIO devices. After enabling them – kernel loads. But it does not work as expected – screen resolution is wrong, there are some problems with I2C bus. Now its clear that provided package is not containing up to date sources for the device. I requested updates from Philips, but it is not clear if they will provide them (they should by GPL).

Also for testers I did binary package with mplayer 1.1. I tested it with some sound formats (MP3, AAC+, FLAC, WAVPACK, APE and OGG) – everything works fine. Only problem I had was AAC+ with bitrate > 128k – seems that this CPU is not powerful enough for this job, everything else is good, including network playing. To use it – unpack it on your flash drive, insert it to the device and use wrapper from telnet. E.g.


One note – I am not [yet] aware how to switch device inputs, so before first run switch to the “Internet Radio” mode. Please drop me a not it it works for you.

Update: it is also possible possible to run mplayer with output on the screen:
openvt 1 /tmp/sda1/mplayer/

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