Using Twinkle VoIP client or Asterisk to dial in into intercall conferences

As consulter I have a lot of daily meetings. My company now switched to InterCall conferencing service with DialIn bridge. After calling in I need to enter every time my meeting ID what is a little annoying. I am using VoIP to dial into conference bridge, so I decided to solve this task using scripting.

I found not too much good VoIP clients in Linux. Ekiga is very buggy, most of other clients are not providing any API, sflphone on my Ubunty provides very limited interface and it is possible to interact with it only using Python API. So after all I am using Twinkle – it is old and using QT3 but still works much better then many modern clients.
Also it provides command line interface to manage running instance. Resulted script provided below:


# intercall number, see
# If no arguments given – ask conference number
if [ $# = 0 ]
echo -n “Enter conference number: ”
twinkle –immediate –call $INTERCALLNUM
sleep 7
twinkle –cmd “dtmf $NUMBER#”

This script will dial into bridge and then enter conference id + # sign. For the Cisco 7940/7960 users my old script with minimal changes should work fine.

Also i am planning to do this on Asterisk level, e.g. by sending command like <bridge_num>*<conf_num># to work from any SIP-enabled device.

Update: after reading asterisk documentation i found that its much easier to do in it, then inside VoIP client. Below is a part of the Asterisk configuration:

; intercall prg bridge, *10
exten => _*10ZX.,1,Progress
exten => _*10ZX.,2,Dial(SIP/800701065@siptrunk,,D(wwwwww${EXTEN:3}#))

Using this dialplan i need to enter *10<conf_code> to joint to the conference from any SIP enabled device. Also i found that it works more reliable then from Twinkle.

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