Android Manager Agent protocol research

My mobile phone comes with Android Manager Agent. It is Android agent + Windows desktop application to manage phone, including managing contacts, SMS, media files, applications, etc. It is possible to use this software via WIFI or USB. Unfortunately desktop client is Windows only and i was not able to run it in Wine.

So i decided to reverse protocol using wire-shark and Java decompiler. It was found that communication is not encrypted, only protection is MD5 of the agent PIN (in WIFI mode). Every packet contains from “magic” header, command type, status field and (optionally) data field. My goal is to write utility to backup/restore contacts book and calendar (yes, i don`t want to store it on google) and, possibly to make a GUI for offline browsing/editing.

Right now client is in very early stage and only able to connect to device (WIFI) and request some information. Patches, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Prototype is hosted on github –

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