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JVPN 0.6.1 released

JVPN is a Perl script to connect to the Juniper VPN with Host Checker enabled.
New version (0.6.1) adds ability to store password/token in configuration or to use external scripts to provide it. Also it adds ability to define custom URL and addressing issues with scripting support added in 0.6.0.
You can download it from JVPN post.

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Using RSA soft token from Linux

I already discussed RSA hard tokens and ability to OCR them. This time i would like to discuss RSA Soft Tokens support in Linux. Despite the fact that there is no official Linux support i found that it works perfectly. There are at least 3 ways to use them:

I am currently using options 3 and 2 and keeping one as backup.

  1. Using official Windows software in Wine. It installs and run just fine
  2. Using Android/Iphone application on mobile phone, you will need to covert the key using RSA token converter.
  3. Using non-official open-source Linux client – stoken. It has CLI and GUI (GTK2) versions, supports batch integration and works perfectly for me.

All tokens should show equal numbers. Below is a screenshot of native Windows client and stoken/stoken-gui.
I found that all options works perfectly for me, currently i am mostly using stoken CLI because it was easy to integrate it with JVPN tool. I will update jvpn nearest days to support external authenticators.

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