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How to make delicious addon working with Firefox 16

I am using delicious bookmarking for a long time. I like an idea of tagged extensions (and can`t use default directory-like format). Delicious Bookmarks Firefox extensions was marked as incompatible in FF16 because its breaking awesome bar. I did a small hack to make it working again (without awesome bar integration, I never used it anyway). Small how-to provided below:

  1. Change <em:maxVersion> to 20.* in the install.rdf (@ addon dir), restart FF and re-enabled addon in the addon list.
  2. In the chrome/skin/overlay.css (extension directory) i commented out string after line “.autocomplete-richlistitem”.

This will disable integration with awesombar and make firefox happy. All basic functions of the Delicious extension seems to work fine.

Update: Delicious Bookmarks updated to 2.3.4, now compatible with Firefox 16.  The Delicious Bookmarks add-on has now been updated, and you can now reinstall the extension for Firefox 16 from  the following link: https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/delicious-bookmarks/

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