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Using RSA soft token from Linux

I already discussed RSA hard tokens and ability to OCR them. This time i would like to discuss RSA Soft Tokens support in Linux. Despite the fact that there is no official Linux support i found that it works perfectly. There are at least 3 ways to use them:

I am currently using options 3 and 2 and keeping one as backup.

  1. Using official Windows software in Wine. It installs and run just fine
  2. Using Android/Iphone application on mobile phone, you will need to covert the key using RSA token converter.
  3. Using non-official open-source Linux client – stoken. It has CLI and GUI (GTK2) versions, supports batch integration and works perfectly for me.

All tokens should show equal numbers. Below is a screenshot of native Windows client and stoken/stoken-gui.
I found that all options works perfectly for me, currently i am mostly using stoken CLI because it was easy to integrate it with JVPN tool. I will update jvpn nearest days to support external authenticators.

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Reading codes from RSA SecureID token

Why do I need this?

To access my VPN i need to use code from RSA Secure ID token. Sometime VPN disconnects and i need to enter tokenĀ  again and again. It is annoying. Also i am afraid that once i will lost my token and it will take a lot of time to restore it.

So i decided to automate the process. There is no USB port on this token type, so only way to read digits is to “scan” LCD. I decided to do this with my old Logitech Webcam C200. This article shows how to do this. To backlight token i used IKEA lamp.

I used “cheese” tool to setup camera and token. Make sure that token is highlighted, numbers are big and readable.

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