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Working with Synology hardware – /dev/synobios and /dev/ttyS1

It was interesting to me what is inside DS207 box, how it works and controlled. Because root access is allowed it was not very hard to do my investigation. Hardware itself is based on standard 8245 PPC CPU with 64Mb of memory. It starts booting from internal flash (/dev/mtdX) using PPCBoot 2.0.0. boot loader. After loading kernel from flash its trying to run OS from system partition and if it is not possible – waiting for commands from synology tools. If DSM is already installed then it will boot OS from the hard drive and will start the web interface and other services. Network and sata controllers are standard hardware with corresponding device drivers in kernel.  They are working in a standard way, as on any other hardware. Non-standard parts in the NAS hardware are: Buttons, FAN control/sensors, and temperature sensor. We will talk how to manage them in this article.

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